The once majestic isle of Pharos is one of many exotic worlds that have succumbed to the overwhelming power of the Infinite Sadness. Inhabitants great and small have fallen to the darkness. In their time of need, the cosmos grants Pharos a pair of cosmic non-rabbits to return the status quo. Is it too late? Or is Double Happy’s inane good cheer just the antidote Pharos needs?

Grey rocky landscape with glowing mushrooms Hero Character looking at screen, holding an amulet Hero Character with Double Happy Pink and Blue (rabbit-like creatures) (rabbit-like creatures) behind them Lens-flare background. Silhouetted mushroom-hatted monster with glowing green eyes in centre of screen
Overview of a red and green-earthed level, Pink and Blue (rabbit-like creatures) (rabbit-like creatures) very small in foreground. Pink and Blue (rabbit-like creatures) pushing what looks like a statue on the edge of a cliff attached to something in the foreground by a spine Pink on a bridge while Blue is on one end using a mechanism



Use both your brain and your reflexes in this narrative driven single player, co-op adventure game.

That’s right! Control both characters at once as you face a variety of challenges. From fast paced action sequences that will test your nerve, to careful logic puzzles to solve. All this wrapped in a beautifully twisted, quirky narrative adventure game.



Guide Double Happy through lush 3D environments.

A beautifully detailed world abounds with rich, ever-changing landscapes to explore. From tranquil swamps and dark forests, to villages, temples, and the thriving steampunk metropolis.

Pink and Blue (rabbit-like creatures) (rabbit-like creatures) climbing a wall Pink and Blue (rabbit-like creatures) crossing a fallen tree spanning a ravine Pink and Blue (rabbit-like creatures) (rabbit-like creatures) cluming out of a crevice in a gloomy green cave with glowing mushrooms dotted around
A glowing bug alight on a torus-shaped flower. Dimmer flowers in the background. Dark blue landscape with orange glowing crystals in the foreground and a hill with two tentacle-emitting mounds in the midground



Discover the healing power of cosmic randomness and return the land to its former splendour.

A world that exists far beyond the screen, the isle of Pharos is steeped in history. Discover the unique cultures of its inhabitants and learn how the ecology of Pharos works and turn it to your advantage to lead Pharos to salvation.

The Monkeystack, 2x cubed, Australian Government/Screen Australia and South Australian Film Corporation logos. Also the Rasmussen Award 2013 and AEAF Bronze Award 2014

A Contemporary Adventure Game…

Double Happy Vs. The Infinite Sadness: Pharos is a compelling hybrid action/puzzle adventure; blending a variety of game styles and taking cues from other games such as Oddworld, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Ico. If you liked these games, there’s a good chance you will enjoy Double Happy too!

The Plight of Pharos

A land of light and beauty, now rotten and decayed. The totem of light has been eclipsed under the tyrannical rule of the corrupted Oolark. Using the totem’s power for their own selfish ends, the Oolark have thrown the land into darkness and enslaved their brethren – the gentle Shyala. Before long, the island will sink back into the Chimaeran Sea and be lost to the fiends of the underworld forever, bringing this iteration of the universe one step closer to extinction.

Get Involved!

Double Happy vs. The Infinite Sadness: Pharos is the first of a series of games currently in development. To help bring the game to fruition we need to know you want it to be made. The best way to do this is by staying up to date with our progress by liking on Facebook or following on Twitter. Otherwise check out the webisodes featuring the manic antics of Pink and Blue (rabbit-like creatures), or if you’d prefer to jump straight to the source, feel free to send us an email! We’re a friendly bunch and would be keen to hear from you.

So who are we?

We are a team like Voltron!

Combine the writer of 7th Guest, 11th Hour and Doom 3 with an acclaimed comedian, an award winning animation studio and a team of programmers who have worked on the likes of BioShock, World of Tanks and Final Fantasy X; then you end up with 2XCUBED. Learn more about us here.